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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2011 9:30am-10:00am PST

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and a huge heart. i also want to say i think he was the most experienced person placed before us, and i know that he will be a great mayor that is sensitive to our communities, and he really will consider those who struggle every day in our communities, and he will represent progressive values many of us share, but he will be on mayor for all of san francisco, and i want to say i feel it is a feedstock and we are making to select -- of a step and we are making to select him, and i will be among those holding him accountable with those pushing for a more issue main city. -- on morris humaneness city --
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a more humane city. >> today i continue to support ed lee, but i do want to say a special thanks to all the candidates who may or may not have been nominated. i think the candidates have spoken very eloquently. i want to thank his family. i want to say thank you for sharing a bed with us. -- sharing ed with us. for us to put the city, it is all of our responsibility to make sure we are working collaborative fully, so whether you call yourself a moderate or progressive or in between, we
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have a responsibility to make sure ed is as successful as possible, so thank you for supporting him and thank you for his family and those who support hermann region -- support him. president chiu: i want to start by saying i appreciate the comments you have made, and i want to pledge to work to move us forward. i want to state that i do believe the majority of this board sure the same progressive values -- share the same progressive values, and i think there is a danger. we have to realize it includes
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tolerance and acceptance, and we need to thing hard -- fink hard about how we characterize it. that being said, this is his day. i have said a lot about this man who is rooted in our community, who has a tremendous threat and depth of community experience. he is someone we should come together as a board and a city. i hope and ask we unanimously vote for him to be our next mayor. unless there is any further discussion, i would like trust
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that you conduct an our role for edwin lee as the successor mayor. >> on the motion, supervisor farrell? [calling votes] there are 11 ayes. the motion is approved. [applause]
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>> i want to congratulate san francisco for this amazing moment, and it is my honor to invite edwin leave to join me to say a few words. [applause] >> thank you very much. i recognize the importance of this vote, and i understand what you have been going through. this has not been an easy decision, but it is a decision i
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made. i know i can help run this city well. i want to thank you in giving me this extraordinary opportunity on behalf of me and my family and asian community and also all of san francisco. i want to serve the promise and i can make, that i will work with each of you to make sure that our constituents are well- served, that as the doors remain open, and we respect each other and will talk with each other consistently about the goals of the city, and we could not allow you to have the only fund in this area, but i make a similar promise of the doors are open to everybody. thank you very much for this opportunity.
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[applause] at this time, if i could ask the members of the audience if you can please be seated. i am going to move that we reset the meeting and conduct this in the rotunda. we will then return to our regular business after this historic moment. i suspect -- i asked that we
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come back now after 15 minister -- minutes. we will escort the mayor selects through this door, and i would like to ask if you can join us. if you will stand by the side of our judge, i would appreciate it. if we could have a motion to recess >> welcome back to the board of supervisors meeting on tuesday, january 11. colleagues, at this time, why don't we move to our special orders. why donalt i first suggest that
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we call items through 11 which is an item that will be continued. >> amentse eight through 11 -- items eight through 11, item eight is a public hearing of persons interested in the decision of the planning department dated april 8, 2010. at a project located at 134 through 136 ord street is exempt from environmental review under the environmental california environmental act. the motion affirming the planning department's determination. item 10 is the motion reversing the planning department'si conte determination, and item 11 iraq suckler to prepare findings. -- item 11 directs the clerk to prepare findings. >> i asked that we continue on march 1, a 2011. >> is there a second on that motion to continue?
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is there any public comment to continue, and is there any member of the public who would like to speak to that will not be able to come on a future date? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we take the motion to continue without objection? these will continue on the first of march. can you receive -- please read item 4 through 7. >> item 4 is the public hearing of her sense for the planning department at the project at 10 lundys lane is exempt from environmental review. item six is the motion reversing the determination by the planning department, and item seven directs the clerk to prepare findings. >> we have an appeal that the
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project is categorically exempt from the environmental review. we will be considering the adequacy and completeness of the determination that this category is exempt. we will hear from the appellant, who will have 10 minutes. we will then take public comment from members of the public who wish to speak. we will then hear from the planning department, who will have 10 minutes to describe the grounds. we will then hear from the party of interest. each speaker shall have up to two minutes to present, and the appellant will have three minutes for a rebuttal. any objection to proceeding this way?
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the you have in the opening comments? >> i do not have any comments. we look forward to hearing from the various parties. >> my wife should be here, but she is feeling ill at the moment. we are affected the most by this permit to carry good our family has long term concerns about what is happening as a result of this permit. i am also seeking four other house and -- speaking for other households that are affected. the attorney previously argued that the permit is a redundant
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set it covers all important issues of the main permit. he also argues of the permit does not need an exemption at all, but planning gave it an exemption retroactively. this is very important because it allows owners to demolish something previously repaired -- previously built and to put in an illegal unit. because of environmental impact on neighbors, you cannot just demolish and rebuild something that is not currently of to code. in our brief, we pointed out a
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list of inconsistencies and it seemed to operate, granting things likes to get hearings, stiff fees and legal extensions, and the ninth proper forum for their voices to be heard. -- denying proper forum for their voices to be heard. the owners have consistently claimed financial stresses of the reason they should not be required to follow procedure. we are sympathetic. what is a permit allows is mostly dirt now instead of foundation. the modification would not be major. owners insist all households to
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approve their plans in february and later changed their minds. the statements say thus -- say that they are incorrect. owners admitted there was a separate unit. they were required to take of this precision permit. fair process is all in a neighbor wants this ruling was not appealed by owners until it became final. owners are ruinously said net
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the permits were legal. they support the final city action to on reasonably qualified it as legal. they further established the legality for the environmental quality review. they stated that it received categorical exemption from environmental review. they said they did not need review beyond the main permit. later, they applied a retroactive extension.
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this will hopefully have the effect of allowing for environmentally reviewing the permit i would like to put something on the overhead if possible. >> just laid down on the overhead. >> this shows the alteration work and the results of an extension now i want to put up the sanborn map. this has 60 feet and only seven parking spaces.
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here they're building is short enough not to borrow an -- to bother neighbors three good -- the neighbors. it will stick out, blocking light, son, access to view, and in shooting on the privacy of the house. imagine this facing your bedroom at close range. this shows neighbors, and they are the ones most directly affected. this is our house.
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it depends on reflective light much of the day. here we are at midday and later in the afternoon. my final exhibit, here is the illegal units being phillips -- being built without parking. also, this victorian is in your 1978 special use district. it is undergoing major changes. this includes enlarging and reshaping to accommodate. this should have triggered a
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historical research review. the inconsistencies in this have resulted in an unfair process work community is deprived of its place. all he ever wanted is for neighbors to follow these codes. they also do not want to do reviews for financial reasons we ask that you do everything you can to set this process right and restore our rights.
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we request you to exercise your -- to exercise your rights. quality of life is being adversely affected by this. thank you. >> any questions bowman -- any questions? why don't we proceed to anyone who wishes to speak on behalf of the appellant. now each public, enter should have two minutes. >> i am one of the neighbors to
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the property, and i strongly proposed the building of any illegal structure and request that the city and force its zoning laws as written. the proposed rebuild seems to be an expansion of the previous illegal structure. this requires a massive new foundation and new windows. the previous structure had no windows, and they are looking directly onto my property. i am upset about losing my privacy. i believe the requirements promote privacy and allow homeowners such as myself to enjoy my light and air. i do not see anything so you need for special about the properties that would exempt it
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from the rules everyone else has to follow. i believe that the rebuilding and expanding of the a legal structure would and would affect the value of my own property. it would interfere with the use of my back yard as well as destroying the privacy i currently enjoy a. i currently urge you to who reject this. >> next speaker. >> it is an exciting day for all
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san franciscans. i have lived there for 26 years. i would like to point out there is no problem with the upgrade itself. good however, this is a single- family dwellings, and i do not understand how you can take as single-family dwelling with no existing on street parking and convert it into a legal unit and not have any off street parking. this is a small block. there are only six homes. the street could probably have a maximum of seven street parking spaces. if you had two cars per home, there would be 12 cars. there is no way this one street
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could have 12 cars. if you park on the east side of the street, you will at times the given a ticket. if there were illegal parking, i would have no objection, but i see no indication there will be any parking. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. our city has adopted the new building codes, and this is one of the codes for the requirements.
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the amendments must be more restrictive than current requirements. this section is mandated by the state, and the city cannot amend it to. if the city was able to mandate it, it must be more restrictive. the current appointee to the board of appeals do not meet these requirements. the current appointees stated they do lack the knowledge and relied on the planning and
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building staff. this is not a venue that allows the people to challenge the building department and does not protect the people's rights through due process. these plays the city in precarious position. the longer you allow this to exist, the greater the chances the city will be a target. there are people who have recently suffered, and you should afford them some resolution. thank you. >> are there any other members of the public who wish to speak on behalf of the appellant, seeing none, you have the chance to speak. >> i am the manager of
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legislative affairs. with me is the man whose female was the basis for what is before you today. in the packet, you will find a detailed history of the application, appeals, and permits off the property. the case before you is not an appeal of the project. that has expired, and the work has commenced. the appeal is about a secret determination to document to work on the rear walls of the building. the permit is to discuss whether the rear walls should be rebuilt in time, so that is the only change before you.
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the question is did the department consider potential to the department. the department did consider this and found that the subject would not have an adverse affect on the environment. the decision today is whether to hold up the decision and the night the repeal or to overturn for further environmental review work. the revision was to document work performed.


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